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In 1997 as a result of requests from practitioners who he worked with and taught, Jock started to study the results of his VHT move on equines. Amazed at the acceptance of the moves by the horse and the results expressed, Jock began to adapt and choreograph his human moves to the musculoskeletal system of the horse, noting the effects, the releases (both emotional and physical), and the improvement in the subject after each treatment.

Armed with a practical reference manual that he had developed, he started working with horses first in Scotland, then in Hawaii. The success was such that he was asked to demonstrate his equine work on horses in the USA and to lecture on the procedures to veterinary surgeons in Europe. In October 1998 he was invited to Prague by a leading veterinary surgeon to work on the Czech Republic’s most famous horse Cipisek, winner of the 1997 National Steeplechase Championship.

Although the Equine Touch was originally only taught to qualified veterinary surgeons, it was on the advice of these doctors that he began to invite other interested equestrians to attend his seminars and so the Equine Touch as a modality for all to learn was born.

Not satisfied with merely adapting the simple moves Jock began to research into the tissue of the horse and the emotional and physical results of the moves. Listening to horse trainers, teachers and vets he started to develop the modality even further, lymphatic drainage, energy releasing torque moves, limb elongation and gentle soft tissue manipulation followed. Each procedure carefully mapped out and choreographed before presenting it to veterinarians and horse trainers for their consideration, before including it in his seminars.  Jock remains adamant however that The Equine Touch is not a therapy as such but is a discipline or a modality that trains the equine to relax and re balance itself.  Every move and procedure performed  on the equine is done with this intent in mind.

In 1999 Jock was joined in teaching The Equine Touch by his wife Dr Ivana Ruddock a Veterinary Surgeon and former lecturer in anatomy from Brno University in the Czech Republic. Ivana attended the seminar held in Brno and was so impressed with the Equine Touch she decided to join Jock in teaching, researching, documenting and developing the Equine Touch even farther. Ivana brings with her to The Equine Touch seminars a sense of credibility and legitimacy.

Ivana has been acclaimed by all who attend the ET clinics as a brilliant and extremely professional instructor whose knowledge of the equine and dedication to helping them in a truly holistic manner manifests itself throughout her course lectures and demonstrations from foundation to practitioner level. Described as the most unique teaching duo in the equine world, one student summed it up by stating ‘ Jock shows us how to do it, Ivana tells us why’.

Sadly, Jock passed away in late 2011 after a valiant fight against cancer. Ivana and her world-wide network of Practitioners and Instructors continue to keep the work alive and evolving.

The Equine Touch Foundation Inc. seminars are now available for interested horse owners and equine professionals from Norway to New Zealand.


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