At VHT USA, we offer small and friendly training classes, where students can benefit from individual and personal attention. All our courses are ‘hands-on’ with theory integrated within each procedure to enable the students to retain information and progress rapidly. Our instructors are fully qualified and, very passionate and innovative. At the end of each class students acquire the necessary practical skills and tools to put into practice straightaway.

We run two different learning routes according to student needs. The first, a shorter, but holistic version of VHT, for family & friends, the second and follow-ups for the Practitioner Route intended for those who wish to make it a career.

1) Practitioner

Students at this level will be required to complete six modules, complete 24 case studies and do written and practical exams. On successful completion of the course and having met all the necessary criteria, a certificate will be awarded.

2) Family & Friends (2 Days)

Students attending this course will be required to complete one module, at the end of which they will be awarded a certificate.

3) Continued Professional Development Courses (1 & 2 days intensive) These courses are intended for qualified VHT Practitioners to enable them to enhance their skills as practitioners.

4) Anatomy, Physiology & pathology I.T.E.C. level course (Practitioner level)

The UK offers an in-house I.T.E.C. course in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. We also accept from students proof of having taken this course from approved providers.

Contact your instructor for further details.

 What some of our students had to say about our courses:

“Meeting like minded people, learning VHT is very interesting and inspired me. It was very clearly demonstrated with very good personal attention. I feel that the course could not have been any better, I was delighted with the content I had learnt”.      DF

“VHT to me is truly a standalone modality and in the short time I have been practicing it, I have experienced clients coming to me in pain and going out with a smile on their face, how can you better that! Here’s to all those VHT instructors out there that have kept this brilliant discipline alive and kicking, A BIG THANK YOU”      –SA          


As part of our mission we are always looking for ways to encompass the teaching and practice of VHT. We continually receive requests for VHT sessions in areas where our practitioners are insufficient in number. With this in mind, we are looking for people who would be interested in hosting classes in their areas. Hosting means organizing a class of six to eight friends or colleagues for the purpose of learning the modality.

Our instructor will come out to you but as the host you must satisfy the following criteria:

1) The agreed number of students must commit and pay the appropriate fees in advance of the course dates.

2) A suitable venue where students can work comfortably.

3) Provide a number of suitable massage tables for students.

4) Provide somewhere suitable for students to ‘meet’ and chat during tea/coffee and lunch breaks

5) Provide adequate toilet facilities.

For further information contact, who will discuss our different Hosting Packages.