Common Ailments

The simple holistic rule is :

There is no problem or disease that the innate healing wisdom of the body can not address if the discipline presented to it is the gift required by that body.

It is imperative to note that under the definition of VHT, it is not referred to or recognized as a therapy and is not used as such to treat any named disease, illness or injury. It must also be remembered at all times that VHT practitioners do not under any circumstances diagnose unless they are licensed or legally qualified to do so.


“Miracles are not against nature,

merely against nature as we have been taught it to be.”

St. Augustine

In a medical definition VHT does not cure or heal any named allopathic problems. The key here is to address the ‘whole’ person and not just the symptoms. It is merely the gift to the body to encourage the body’s own healing system to reach its maximum potential and to resolve whatever relative problem may exist. However, in saying that, patients worldwide have experienced complete or partial relief from symptoms or stress as a result of having experienced the holistic approach of this discipline.

Approximately 80% of all clients have experienced a successful result after 2 or 3 VHT sessions. Success being defined as going from total relief of the symptom to at least a dramatic reduction of the symptom and an improvement in the functional range of motion.