At VHT USA, we offer small and friendly training classes, where students can benefit from individual and personal attention. All our courses are ‘hands-on’ with theory integrated within each procedure to enable the students to retain information and progress rapidly. Our instructors are fully qualified and, very passionate and innovative. At the end of each class students acquire the necessary practical skills and tools to put into practice straightaway.

We run two different learning routes according to student needs. The first, a shorter, but holistic version of VHT: VHT for Family & Friends. The other VHT modules (1-6) for the for those who want to learn more, and for the Professional Practitioner Route intended for those who wish to make it a career.

.Upcoming courses for USA/Canada:  for 2020

Feb 21  VHT for Family and Friends   Emmett, ID     Instructor: Raian Kaiser  Contact Host Toni Bucciero open to any students who have already taken an ET, CT, or VHT course.