ruddock2_000VHT is a holistic, non-diagnostic discipline, consisting of a series of non-invasive gentle moves over connective soft tissue, which assists the body to attain the state of homeostasis wherein the body is encouraged to address any problem that it may have.

VHT may be looked upon quite simply as a bodywork gift from the practitioner to the client. With this paradigm in mind it could be argued that VHT is perhaps a bridge or the missing link between energy healing work and hands on bodywork. It is ‘the key’ which allows the body to reset itself by opening the door to the inbuilt healing system that exists within all of us, perpetually striving to achieve the status of perfect health.

The VHT practitioner takes a holistic approach by addressing the client without focus on the symptoms. The moves are gentle, and are performed in a prescribed pattern, irrespective of the clients’ complaints. Many report positive results on problems which were not the ones for which they had in fact had a session.